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The target audience for this NewTech4STEM are educators and parents involved with the delivery of STEM, STEAM and STREAM curriculum in K-12 + public, private, and home-schooling learning environments who have inquiry, need or are currently utilizing technologies in their instructional practices. The focus of this website is to aggregate new and emerging technologies information and resources that can be implemented into the STEM pedagogy. The user of this website will be able to join a community of educators and technologist through the site’s PeerSphere blog to discuss, share and extract relevant information, implementation ideas, and usage practices to coordinate emerging and new technologies for instructional delivery and course design. One can visualize the ongoing need, improvement, and continued development of a centralized repository of research articles, referencing links, demonstration of new technologies, videos, practitioner input and sharing; making the site the go-to home page for STEM,STEAM and STREAM best use and practice information.

New Technologies for STEM ~ STEAM ~ STREAM Curriculum

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Various fields of sciencitific disciplines are collected and available to build representive curriculum.

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A collection of vaious technologies to discuss in STEM curriculum.




Links to various engineering diciplines, careers and STEM education.




From algebra to advance calculus, a collection of various Mathematic disciples are availbe for STEM.




For STEAM curriulum, various Art forms and Creativity are investigated.



Reading & Writing

Academics revolve around Reading and Writing. Various genres and practices for STREAM curriculm are represented.


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    Mobile Technologies

    New Mobile Technologies for STEM

    Mobile learning has become a much-debated aspect and influencer in the field of education. The proliferation of mobile devices demand study of the motivations for the use of mobile devices in learning and under what circumstances mobile learning contribute to education.

  • Virtual Realities

    Virtual Realities

    Using Augmented & Virtual Realities

    Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Realities (VR) has been growing with increasing interest in the last number of years for use in education. Research of its potential uses and advantages are being examined as well as its limitations, effectiveness, limitations, and challenges.

  • Multimedia


    Incorporating Multimedia

    The incorporation of video, audio, graphics, text and animation make up the world of Multimedia. Use of Multimedia in STEM, STEAM, and STREAM brings a new dynamic to any disciple of education.

  • maker Movement

    Maker Movement

    Maker Projects for STEM

    The Maker Movement has been gaining traction with the curriculum of STEM, STEAM and STREAM curriculum and finding value learning experiences in each dicipline.

  • Research for STEM

    STEM ~ STEAM ~ STREAM Research

    Additional Reseach for STEM

    The volume of research into STEM, STEAM, and STREAM is ever growing across the globe. Locate here are a few examples of some of the thoughts and research being conducted.


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Start date: September 20, 2019 By Janice Thompson

Communication is at the heart of good education and the broad spectrum of thoughts, opinions, great ideas, and one's good practices need to be shared with your colleagues tasked with STEM, STEAM and STREAM curriculum. The success of today's students depends on it. Join the discussion on the New Tech 4 STEM Sphere Blog and share. The future depends on it.

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STEM~STEAM~STREAM Technology Resources


New Tech 4 STEM Resources is where helpful literature, products, websites, experiments, mobile apps and teaching materials have been collected to assist the educator of STEM, STEAM and STREAM courses can find useful materials for inclusion into their curriculum. It is by no means complete, but an ever-evolving collection of suggestions, discoveries, and ideas from STEM professionals. Site users are encouraged to contribute through the PeerSphere blog to share successful technologies, labs, and products with one’s colleagues. Through a collective effort, the success of STEM education will mean the success of students, the environment, and the economies of the world.

STEM ~ STEAM ~ STREAM Literature References


At the heart of academia is the peer reviewed journal articles, books, editorials, and ongoing research around the world. The volume of citations and referenced documents demonstrates one’s respect and appreciation of the value of the written word and the laborious hours of research and study required to ascribe one’s name as author. The listing of references contain here does not begin to suggest a complete undertaking but as the website grows, it is hoped that a more complete and organized section of bibliographic material will emerge. The page as demonstrated is populated with initial references as only a sample demonstration of future opportunities and development. - J. Thompson, Developer

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